Why I Refuse to Have a New Year’s Resolution

We have heard it all before. Actually, we have said it all before. “Next year, I’ll go to the gym more” or “In the New Year, i’m going to do better with my finances.” We see them on Facebook, on the news, and all over department stores. In the past, I would make resolutions just like most everyone I know. Sometimes I’d even write them down. I’d get excited on New Year’s Eve about new beginnings and making it the best year ever. But after about a week, that resolution would get old and i’d move on without thinking twice about that resolution I once made.

As I have gotten older, I have learned that most of these resolutions were never intended to be followed through. While I thought I was making steps to becoming a better person, I was really taking a step backwards. I did not make real progressive steps towards becoming a better version of myself, I just made temporary adjustments. So, when I started college, I decided to forego making resolutions. I think this had a lot to do with the negative connotations that resolutions come with. Just today I was reading someone post about the “resolutions they are sure to break” but would try anyway. So like that post, most resolutions are made to be broken. Most people go into the new year thinking that they aren’t going to break any, not this year! But sure enough, the same people end up giving it up around January 20th.

So I propose something different.. plans.

A plan is defined by dictionary.com as a specific project or definite purpose. So, in the new year I plan to make some plans. Plans that are sure to change and plans that are going to evolve due to the year’s events. I plan to make 2015 just as great as 2014.. and the year before that and the year before that. I plan to tell everyone I love that I love them everyday. I plan to attempt at a healthier lifestyle, even though I will give in and have a diet coke and slice of pizza every now and then. I plan to give every bit my talent to everyone who will let me. I plan to be happy, but cry when I need to. But, most of all I plan to not have too many plans, because those get in the way sometimes.

So these specific projects were made to be followed through. But here’s the irony. Almost every year I make the same plans. It keeps me accountable and reminds me that I don’t want to ditch my previous plans. I want to take those plans and make them even better for the next year and the years to come.

So here’s to 2015, may it be just as awesome as 2014!

And yes I am sitting in my house writing this blog with 30 minutes left of 2014.. don’t judge me.

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